Deborah Shames

December 10, 2017

Mess With It

Take the plunge and let go of the need to be perfect. Being genuine and in-the-moment creates presentations that are more powerful and moving than any varnished, pitch-perfect talk.
December 3, 2017

As If

Utilize professional techniques when preparing for your next presentation. First, determine your intention. Then outline the arc of your talk from beginning to end. When rehearsing, speak the content aloud.
November 26, 2017

Thank the Turkey

We hope you are winding down from a rich and bountiful Thanksgiving, having spent time with family and friends. While the narrative of the first American Thanksgiving was replete with creativity, the spirit of the holiday is nevertheless profound.
November 19, 2017


David recently recorded narration for a client's audio book*. A voice-over project tests one's ability to focus. Any glitch, like slurring a consonant, offbeat pronunciation, dropping an "a", or unclear interpretation can cause the director to call "Cut. Do it again."
November 12, 2017

Came to Play

We're still in the thrall of the recent World Series. After swallowing the hard lump of the Dodgers' loss, we began to admire the scrappy Astros, wondering, "How did they win this thing?" Their success is a lesson for anyone in a competitive environment, especially speakers.