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Cell Smackdown

The ubiquity of cell phones is unavoidable. Expecting audiences to give a speaker their full attention, including eye contact, is a thing of the past. However, do you know what people are actually doing when they’re glued to their cell … read more

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Better Angels

No one yet knows what prompted a madman to commit mass murder in Las Vegas. But what we do know is that demons and angels reside within us all. And this level of mayhem doesn’t usually happen in a vacuum. … read more

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Stone of Thrones

One of Croatia’s most popular sites is Dubrovnik. Constructed in the 12th century as a fortress, the remarkable limestone walls lining this city are beautiful as well as protective. However, with a surge in tourism, up to 10,000 people a … read more

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Lunch at five

One surprise for us recently in Croatia was the practice of eating lunch at five (o’clock)– which demonstrated how ingrained habits dictate behavior. Used to eating in the middle of the day, this seemed wrong to us. However, enjoying this … read more

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Off Book

Professional stage actors spend weeks in rehearsal learning their lines, blocking stage movement, and considering the nuances of their characters. Everyone is relieved when they are off book, or know their lines cold. It is only then that they are … read more

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In the Eloqui Communication Index, the demeanor type most afflicted by analysis paralysis is what we call the Analyzer. Analyzers are those individuals most excited by data and research. Believing there may be one more piece of information they have … read more

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Light Touch

Recently, a bright star fell from the firmament of jazz. Elegant, adventurous guitar master and composer John Abercrombie leaves behind a body of work that runs from classic jazz and jazz-rock fusion, to avant-garde improvisation. But Abercrombie was known for … read more

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Pressure Board

Only senior management knows how stressful presentations to Boards of Directors can be. Prolacta Bioscience had us prep them when they were pitching their Board to approve the purchase of a new facility. The problem was their numbers were down. … read more

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When delivering an idea, service or product, the first thirty seconds are critical. This is especially true if you want to set yourself apart, and have the audience remember your content. A client of ours was pitching the state of … read more

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Sleep Thief

How many nights have you lain awake, awash in worry over the next day’s presentation or pitch? Thoughts of getting it right, making it perfect, or killing it race through your head, like breeding ferrets. A night without sleep is the … read more

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