Be Bozo

Bozo the Clown was a life-size inflatable toy, weighted at the base. Punch it, and Bozo righted himself, with the same goofy smile. Back when a small cadre of San Francisco actors presented at trade shows, we were contracted for as many as twelve shows a day. If you don’t think we had flops and mistakes, you’d be mistaken. But we had to bounce back and make the next show better. Our careers depended upon it. We were Bozo.

For many, speaking on a large stage, or even to a small team creates great anxiety. But, rarely can one presentation tank a career. Don’t let the fear of failure cripple your ability to step out front. See it as an odds game. Over time, you’ll produce hits, ho-hummers and stinkers. Your ability to right yourself will determine your ultimate success.

When actors socialize, we entertain one another with performance tales. They are never success stories, but always embarrassing stumbles. So, look at every flub as rich story material and feedback to make you better the next time.

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  1. Gordon David Durich says:

    as an actor, I can totally relate. It is better to look at every blunder as an opportunity to improve on the next performance. nobody’s perfect,huh?

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