August 18, 2019

Pull The Trigger

When formulating your next open, first consider the message you would like to convey. Then connect a current event to your topic. Or, describe a setback and what you learned from it. Or, use a sport you played and how one event or coaching made a difference.
August 11, 2019


When constructing your next presentation, edit your content until you've reached the most elegant, clear form. Discard useless words like "help." Specifically describe what you did for the client. Eliminate data overload and focus on what the client wants to hear that will serve them best.
August 4, 2019

Psychological Gesture

One should never be self-conscious, or the habit becomes ingrained. Instead, be present and self-aware.
July 28, 2019

You’re Not Bragging

To establish ownership of the material, we prompt clients to use "I" at least once in their business examples. The "I" displays their insight, as well as their investment or skin in the game.
July 21, 2019

Love ‘Em and Lose ‘Em

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use props. Your words can describe any physical object.
July 14, 2019

Out Front

After you have worked hard to be at the top of your game, and you have your moment, enter the arena and play for keeps. Don't let what might be expected of you, or how you should behave get into your head.
July 7, 2019

Reality Bites

When you prep your next presentation, put yourself in the mindset of story creators. Reach higher than a typical business presentation.
June 30, 2019

What Happens Next?

One simple message propels your story forward. Remember to keep elements simple and clear, without too many characters or themes. Short sentences maintain tension. Dialogue brings your story and characters to life.
June 23, 2019

Haste makes waste

Storytelling is the strongest vehicle for information transmission and retention. All religions have holy books filled with parables or stage morality plays. Ancient peoples created fantastical tales and origin myths, so that their tribal culture would live on. Stories have human context and emotion, making their content memorable for both the audience and presenter.
June 16, 2019

First Date

Before you go to the next business or networking event, embrace a curious mind-set. Wade into conversations and assume you will be welcomed and included.