February 10, 2019

Da Vinci

What can we mortals create with a healthy dose of curiosity and imagination? When you next prepare to fashion a presentation, or unique way to engage an audience, look around. Notice an exceptional acceptance speech at an awards ceremony, Mozart’s interplay of themes in his concertos, or how a current event links to your topic.
February 3, 2019

Off and Running

Eloqui developed Opening Triggers for our clients to hook the audience, frame their presentation and share their perspective. Triggers to consider include a mentor and what they taught you; an event from the headlines; a success or failure; or a sport you played and what you learned from it. When describing your opening trigger, use specific, concrete details before linking it to your topic. But, be careful not to make the trigger so colorful or lengthy that it overshadows what you came to deliver.
January 27, 2019

Bats and Brains

When you approach your next presentation, free yourself from orthodox constraints. No one ever advanced their career or area of endeavor by thinking inside the box-- especially trailblazers like Einstein, Beyonce, or Steve Jobs.
January 20, 2019

Strike a Chord

Whether you're accepting an award, inspiring your team, or persuading others to enlist your services, make your words count. Use brief examples. Don't shy away from heartfelt comments. Rehearse to be on point.
January 13, 2019


As a speaker, when you’re in the moment, become aware of your volume, pacing and/or emotion. Then vary your delivery, adjust your speed, and tune your volume to the room. Audiences respond well to variety.
January 6, 2019

Rack Focus

Begin by fine-tuning your observational skills. Listen to masterful speakers—a Speaker Series, convention, or colleague you admire. Identify their unique style, tools or methodology.
December 30, 2018

Speak Out

Make speaking out one of your New Year’s resolutions. It doesn’t matter how small a venue or local a topic. Focus on what you want to achieve and build a persuasive talk around it. Bring out your inner fire and deliver with commitment, grace and power.
December 23, 2018

Holiday Reflection

We wish for you a new year of prosperity, peace and fulfillment. And thanks to so many of you for making our lives satisfying, and our brief journey on this planet joyful.
December 16, 2018


History moves in large, ever expanding loops. But the genius is to never eliminate things of value, like great speaking, bicycles and fresh vegetables.
December 9, 2018

Engine of Action

As you construct a client anecdote, briefly set the scene. Then raise the stakes. Don’t shy away from strong events or negative details.