• <strong>Amir Mossanen</strong><br>Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor
    It was my dream to be the number 1 wealth advisor in the country and as of today, my dream came true. Thank you for your valued contribution to my success and making my dream a reality.
    Amir Mossanen
    Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor
    Wells Fargo Private Bank
  • <strong>David Hirson</strong><br>Partner
    Greetings from Beijing China. I delivered presentations almost every day in six cities with Shanghai and Beijing each twice. I utilized the tools you have given to me with great success. The clients were extremely happy with the results.
    David Hirson
    David Hirson & Partners, LLP
  • <strong>Kevin Long</strong><br>Partner
    After your coaching, I fine-tuned the board game elevator speech to seamlessly work in a list of ‘what we dos’ from a client needs perspective-- without losing the ‘going deep’ of being an ESOP lawyer. This is the second ‘guesting’ in a week that resulted in a referral right out of the chute.
    Kevin Long
    Chang Ruthenberg & Long
In today’s competitive economic climate, no one has the luxury of losing a pitch, blowing a presentation, or mishandling a client meeting.

Whether your business needs team presenting skills to win more pitches, compelling elevator speeches for memorable self-introductions, or more effective external presentations (including PowerPoint), Eloqui cutting edge techniques set you apart and give you the greatest advantage. You generate new business and retain existing clients.

There are two ways to go. You can engage Eloqui for a 3-part, Own the Room training or you can choose from a number of targeted half day intensives.

Whichever you choose, these highly interactive sessions are led by a male and female trainer. Attendance is limited; six to ten participants for maximum participation and quantifiable outcomes. Everyone is called on to participate, observe and offer feedback.

The result is a more cohesive team where everyone speaks the same language, shares a common message, and supports one another after the training is over. And as an added value, attendees are encouraged to contact their trainers whenever they need to rehearse or brainstorm—for no additional charge.