In the Eloqui Communication Index, the demeanor type most afflicted by analysis paralysis is what we call the Analyzer. Analyzers are those individuals most excited by data and research. Believing there may be one more piece of information they have not yet uncovered affects their ability to make a decision. If you have an Analyzer on your team–typically a CFO, engineer, or scientist, they tend to go deep into the weeds, and your pitch can stall. It’s not their fault. It’s how they’re hard wired.

If you are an Analyzer, first give the big picture, or whole idea. If you have an abundance of information to deliver, but there isn’t time or interest, consider your true intention, such as “We will prove that our services are critical to your success”. There is nothing better to focus you and your content.

Concrete language is the best tool to employ when your message is unclear. When you can make your audience see what you are describing, everybody wins. Analyzers: challenge yourself to cut your descriptions in half, and your ability to overcome decidophobia (a real word!) will be greatly enhanced.

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  1. This is so hard to overcome! And every time you make a bad decision when moving too fast, it reinforces your natural tendencies to move slower and gather more info.

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