Little Big Horn

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti has apocalyptic traffic. The traffic lights are unreliable, so drivers have developed their own coping mechanism. Andre Paultre, a Haitian professional driver has two sets of horns. One is loud and irritating for “nasty” people who cut in … read more

Full Circle

A recent NY Times op-ed article began with a reference to a Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man. The premise of the TV episode was that presumably friendly aliens took humans on a spaceship for a tour of their planet. … read more

Message in Misfortune

At his son’s 9th grade graduation last week, Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a speech that was elegant in its simplicity and wisdom. Roberts’ insightful comments to this all-boys school included: I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you … read more


Recently, Mark Zuckerberg delivered the commencement address at Harvard. He called the idea of a “Eureka moment” a dangerous lie. Zuckerberg was right. Expecting to have a flash of brilliance or suddenly create the next big thing is ridiculous. It … read more

Imagined Realties

Yuval Harari states in his new book Sapiens that the key to humans becoming the planet’s dominant species was our ability to imagine and verbalize our thoughts. Specifically, Harari states that Homo Sapiens had a Cognitive Revolution and became the … read more