261 Fearless

Dressed in nondescript sweats, Kathrine Switzer entered the 1967 Boston Marathon. Hard to believe, but fifty years ago, marathons were exclusively male. The only way Kathrine received her race number 261 was by applying as K.V. Switzer. Two miles in, … read more

Down in Flames

Hard to believe, but only a month ago, United CEO Oscar Munoz was awarded PR Week’s “Communicator of the Year.” Time flies when you’re having fun. After Munoz’s bungled attempts to put a rosy filter on the passenger ejection snafu, … read more

Pesky TBU

A recent study at the Stanford Graduate School of Business reinforced how important it is to include relevant facts, and delete true but useless (TBU) information. Professors Margaret Neale and Scott Wiltermuth determined that using “non-diagnostic information” or useless, irrelevant … read more

Robbins was Royalty

Royal Robbins was a pioneer who saw mountain climbing as art, and an exercise in self-examination. Mountaineering used to be a test of how one could exert dominion over nature: pitons, hexes, and nuts were pounded into granite and left … read more

Good Medicine

There is a particular absence of humor in the world today. Tune into late-night talk shows for an abundance of political jokes and satire, but this type of humor doesn’t lift your spirits or generate unabashed laughter. That rare gift … read more