Good Medicine

There is a particular absence of humor in the world today. Tune into late-night talk shows for an abundance of political jokes and satire, but this type of humor doesn’t lift your spirits or generate unabashed laughter. That rare gift … read more

So what

We’ve noticed an increase in the use of the word “so” as a device to begin sentences. So, what’s the problem, and why do presenters use this word? Mammals are great at mimicry. We effortlessly pick up words and phrases … read more

Witchy Woman

Today, the only bipartisan exercise one can count on is misogyny. Many cringed when Hillary Clinton was mocked for her clothes, her hair style, and her ‘shrill’ voice. Yet Kellyanne Conway was recently described as “…still drunk and wearing last … read more

Lawyer Brain

Robert Trivers’ research on the theory of self-deception is valuable for anyone who wants to use speech as a persuasive tool. His theory states that the brain is a machine for winning arguments. Like a lawyer with interests to defend, … read more

Getting Warmer

A little pyramid nestled deep within our cerebral cortex decides how much we trust someone, as well as the empathy we feel toward them. When we want to persuade others to take an action, how do we activate this insula? … read more