Own the Room™: Business Presentations that Persuade, Engage, and Get Results
Publisher, McGraw-Hill Professional 2010

Own the Room™ is a comprehensive, practical and well-researched book covering the full range of communication and speaking challenges facing business professionals—from networking for business development and delivering presentations which introduce new products, to being successful on the speaker circuit and overcoming stagefright.

The book is organized in discreet chapters, from intention and role, to movement and storytelling. Readers need only check out what will serve them best. For example, to prepare for an upcoming pitch, turn to Chapter 7, “Presenting in Teams”. For examples on structuring a client anecdote, turn to Chapter 5.

Written by an award-winning director, a clinical psychologist (with a specialty in stage fright), and former actor/corporate spokesman– the techniques are based on research and the experience of field-trained professionals in the communication field.

Testimonials for Own the Room™

“Since I know the authors I expected that I would like this book. But as a professional speaker with 32 years of presentations under my belt, I didn’t expect to discover many new ideas. I was wrong! This book is filled with value. I’ve delivered more than 2,700 paid professional speeches and yet I took notes on every chapter and gained a new understanding of my craft.

I encourage you to spend some serious time with this book. Read and underline it to revisit the main ideas that connect with you. Make this your text as you gain a new education on how to influence others. And, take off your skeptic’s glasses so that you can fully ingest all of these great lessons. You’ll be a much better presenter.”

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE
Professional Speaker Hall of Fame 1985
President of the National Speakers Association 

Own the Room is hands down the best book on presentations I have ever read.”

Mark Goulston, M.D.
Author of the book Just Listen

“As a seasoned reviewer, I get nervous when I see only 5-star reviews for an Amazon item. Often that means the authors enlisted their friends and relatives as reviewers.

To my surprise, Own the Room really deserves a 5-star rating. It’s hard to imagine a book about presentations that’s actually fun to read, but this one is. But what I like best is the way the authors encourage us to get away from those ho-hum openings. They offer all sorts of creative approaches to making presentations come alive. Many of their ideas will work for written presentations and copywriting also.

As an experienced speaker, I don’t get concerned with stage fright. I love speaking and welcome all opportunities. My challenge is to avoid being too relaxed. So I particularly enjoyed the chapter on roles: deciding how you will present yourself to the audience. The discussion on examples and anecdotes was especially strong.

Too often we get advice to worry about “ums” and “uhs” and endless discussion on PowerPoint. The authors do share some helpful tips on Powerpoint but they make it clear that their focus is on structuring your presentation, not the small stuff. So this book will be especially helpful to readers who have gotten past the basics. As the back cover suggests, you’ll get tips to go from “presenting” to “persuading, inspiring and performing.”

Dr. Cathy Goodwin
Top 500 reviewer, Amazon

“As a Silicon Valley based CEO in the world of ventures, I have had to raise considerable sums of money privately and publicly to fund companies I was responsible for. Raising money is an art with a critical component being “the presentation.” I have also been called upon to speak at national and regional meetings… “Own the Room,” the making of an effective presentation, is a subject near and dear to my heart…much less, my livelihood…

I found it exceptional for giving speeches and for when presentations involve more than one person. “Own the Room” will make a valuable addition for those who depend on communication arts for their living, which is just about every executive, manager, professional, consultant, and salesperson.”

Thomas Loarie
Top 500 reviewer, Amazon

Speaker Survival Guide: Self-published 2008

Speed and direct application mark Eloqui’s first handbook for speakers. This spiral-bound, 4”x7” guide is built for people on the go. The 101 speaker tips, range from Executive Presence to How to Open. Each tip comprises a single page, complete with a quote or two that is connected to the content. Below the quote are lines to make notes. The book was designed so that before a speech or interview, you pull it out, flip open to a random page, pick up a tip and pithy quote, and you are good to go, full of confidence.

Briefly Speaking: Self-published 2008

Eloqui’s second tip book is more tuned to business communication and based on 13 years of training professionals. The chapters are carefully organized so that one can quickly access Business Development tips, PowerPoint delivery and design, Team Presenting, and Managing Stage Fright. The value of having a quick reminder or specific tool right before a presentation cannot be overstated, and that’s exactly what Briefly Speaking provides. As an added bonus, we also include an insightful quote and word to jazz up any presentation.