Why Eloqui

WE HAVE A DREAM. We envision a world where people speak with eloquence, passion and clarity.  A world where audiences are entertained, enlightened and their imaginations piqued by listening to others.

WE BELIEVE men and women can escape the fear of public speaking and instead, embrace those opportunities. We believe every individual possesses all that is needed to engage and inspire.

WE KNOW we can identify each individual’s strengths and give them the tools to realize this potential.

WE ARE PRESENTATION SPECIALISTS. Our company is named Eloqui, from the Latin “to speak out.”

As directors from film and stage, we have translated performance techniques for the business professional and lay speaker…

As experienced trainers, we identify each individual’s strengths, add the skills they need to be effective, and give them the power to communicate with passion, authority, and conviction…

Our methodology sparks communication that is natural and unaffected…

And our interactive training model produces speakers who exude confidence, consistently clarify and achieve their intention, and deliver memorable presentations. Most of all, speakers feel complete, with their intellect fully supported by their body and voice.

The result is that our clients differentiate their services and achieve greater success and ROI in the marketplace.