The Eloqui Method

We are presentation specialists, with a focus on business communication. Our firm’s name, Eloqui comes from the Latin “to speak out.”

Eloqui founder Deborah Shames is a film and television director, while David Booth is an actor and corporate spokesman. Together, they have translated performance techniques for business professionals and public speakers.

As experienced trainers with over a thousand clients, we identify each person’s unique strengths, add targeted skills they need to be effective, and give them the power to communicate with passion, authority, and conviction.

The Eloqui Method produces communication that is natural, authentic and unaffected.

And our interactive training creates speakers who exude confidence, consistently achieve their intention, and deliver memorable presentations. The result is that our clients differentiate their services, achieve greater success, and experience reduced anxiety.

Core Differentiators

  • Cutting edge blend of art and science: Eloqui training marries performance techniques with the latest research in cognitive science and impression management from the field of psychology.
  • Eloqui training delivers practical tools with immediate application for solid return on your investment
  • The focus of Eloqui training is authenticity and personalization (we are not template or manual driven)
  • Male/female trainer combination provides counterpoint and two points of view for each participant’s needs, challenges and temperament.
  • Engaging and interactive training: participants are constantly on their feet for creative exercises and receive useful feedback from the group.
  • Sessions are digitally recorded: everyone receives a DVD of their exercises and presentations. All Eloqui programs include manuals and handouts.