In today’s tough economic climate, no one has the luxury of losing a pitch, blowing a presentation or mishandling a client meeting. Eloqui training provides practical tools with immediate application to generate new business and keep your existing clients. Whether your business needs team presenting skills to win more pitches, compelling elevator speeches for self-introductions, better internal communications or more effective external presentations (which include PowerPoint), Eloqui cutting edge techniques will set you apart.

What most of clients don’t expect after taking Eloqui training is enhanced esprit d’corps within their teams.  Leadership skills are also bolstered, which translates into more efficiently run operations and stronger retention rates among your executives.

Major contracts have been won as a result of Eloqui training in the fields of risk management, investment banking, architecture, law, financial services, insurance and custom publishing. To date, Eloqui clients have a success rate in pitches of over 90%.

Eloqui highly interactive seminars are conducted by a male and female trainer for 6 -10 participants which allows for maximum participation. Everyone is called on to observe and apply their analytical skills to deliver critical feedback. The result is a more cohesive team where everyone speaks the same language, shares a common message, and can support each other after the conclusions of Eloqui training.