The Actor’s Playbook

Performers understand how to manage anxiety. They know how to engage an audience, move within a space, identify an intention and deliver it through a role. A trained performer is a master of emotional persuasion, regardless of their script. And in a stage production, a performer knows how to keep it fresh, even after repeated performances.

Take a page from the actor’s playbook. Eloqui trainers for this course are classically trained theatre professionals. They will work with your unique abilities and demonstrate performer techniques for any venue– from formal presentations and elevator speeches, to cold calling over the phone and media interviews. Like any seasoned performer, learn to make your script your own, the secrets to rehearsal techniques and how to deliver a critically acclaimed performance.

Time: One 8 hour day or two half days
Participants: Up to 20
Two trainers, including individual DVD’s and follow-up 30:00 phone coaching
sessions with each participant.
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 2-4 hours