Engineering Perception: The Trusted Advisor

How do you quickly engineer the perception that you are a trusted advisor and true partner to your clients? The business axiom is that we do business with those professionals we know, trust and like. Business development depends on the acquisition of these critical communication skills.

Eloqui trainers deliver a template to shorten the curve of becoming a trusted advisor– and personalize it to each individual. Participants learn the right tone and body language; how to demonstrate empathy; share their knowledge; tell compelling client anecdotes; and develop listening and cueing skills that ensure their recommendations are followed.

Whether your goal is to influence a decision, contract for your services, or build successful ongoing relationships, knowing the rules of the game increases your chances for success. This is the foundation of leadership development.

Time: One 8 hour day or two half days
Participants: Up to 10
Two trainers, including individual DVD’s and follow-up 30:00 phone coaching
sessions with each participant.
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 1-3 hours


“Working with Eloqui was a terrific experience for our firm.  It helped us clarify how we communicate with our clients and each other.  The skills we worked on will help us to build stronger attorney-client relationships and to give purposeful, more compelling presentations.  We would work with Eloqui again in a heartbeat.”

Harry Nelson
Founding and Managing Partner, Fenton Nelson