How to Sell Without Selling

The necessities of today’s competitive business climate dictate we all fine-tune our business development tools, and continuously increase our book of business. But yesterday’s selling doesn’t work. Asking someone to enlist your services, delivering a history and resume of your firm, or explaining why you are the best is off-putting, and the least effective way of generating new business.

Eloqui trainers provide practical techniques to build your business through effective communication and differentiation of your product and services. Participants learn active cueing and listening skills to engage and retain clients; how to implement the rule of reciprocity; read and adjust to the temperament of your prospect; the secret to forming enduring strategic alliances; techniques for crafting unforgettable descriptions of your services; a unique system of closing; and innovative marketing ideas to attract new clients.

Time: One 8 hour day or two half days
Participants: Up to 15
Two trainers, including individual DVD’s and follow-up 30:00 phone coaching
sessions with each participant.
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 2-4 hours


“We’re in the business of selling middle-market companies. As investment bankers, we have to make an immediate and solid connection with our clients. Then we reinforce that connection with in-depth research and years of experience as a trusted advisor to hundreds of companies. Eloqui fine-tuned our presentation skills to set us apart…Eloqui combines art and science in a unique combination to create a winning formula.”

James B. Freedman
Managing Director, Barrington Associates

“Eloqui trained my Strategic Sales division. Almost immediately, we achieved stronger buy-in from our clients at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. Two of our team members were promoted… And our numbers improved. Now we never construct a presentation without using Eloqui techniques. Once you’ve worked with them, you never go back!

Ricardo Solar
Director of Strategic Sales, Mattel

“I just delivered my presentation this morning to at the Toy Design Summit to an audience of about 120 Toy Designers.  I was able to incorporate what I learned from you this week; and if I must say so myself it was a great success.  I had a clear intention, a consistent theme, a great opening story that tied back to the theme and the closing, and 3 main buckets supported by a PowerPoint that was almost entirely visual with a few videos to illustrate my points.

I even practiced the voice warm-up exercises on the way there, and calmed my nerves by telling myself that they needed to hear what I had to say.  Thank you again for helping me understand the strategies that helped me to “own the room.”

Melissa Kustell
VP Sales, Fisher-Price