Negotiation Skills

The most important skill for any business includes the ability to successfully negotiate. This 8-hour seminar is based on the Eloqui principle of practical skills with immediate application. Although the specifics of the negotiation seminar will be specifically tailored to your company, every seminar will incorporate real world examples as the basis for role playing exercises.

Elements of this highly interactive, intensive seminar include the following:

  • Principles to identify and distinguish between the needs and wants of both parties.
  • Real appraisals of appropriate expectations
  • How to address the full range of client concerns
  • Establishing and reinforcing trust and reciprocity
  • Straight talk and logical decision making
  • Anatomy of a negotiation, including setting up expectations, psychological goals, quantifying the range of response, and effectively deploying these strategies.
  • Tactics for tough negotiations and closing the deal.

Probing exercises will demonstrate how to research the client’s concerns, focus on the true goals in reaching a successful conclusion, and techniques to assess the perceived value of this negotiation.

Time: One full day
Participants: Up to 20
Two trainers
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 4 hours


“With Eloqui preparing us for a presentation to retain a large account, our team, which included staff from all functions within our company, effectively communicated what we do for this client and told stories that made an impact. The effectiveness of the presentation had us saying that this was some of the best money we could have spent: we retained a business that represents more than $3 million in billings.”

John Lavey
Managing Director, Hammock Publishing

“We both used what you taught us and within two days, Bill closed $1.2 million, and I closed $1.8 million on two new accounts. This translates into $30,000 in fees. We took your advice and quit telling them how smart we are and just listened. It may sound simple, but it isn’t so simple in practice. Thanks so much.”

Tim Demshki
Senior Vice President, Director of Private Client Division
RNC Genter Capital Management

“Deborah and David were laser like in their approach. They focused in on strategies mediators can employ to help parties make deals and understand each other. They have an engaging approach that is both entertaining and quite substantive.”

Jeff Krivis
President, International Academy of Mediators