Networking Seminar

Public speaking and networking in business venues, as well as social functions can be the least expensive and most effective use of your firm’s marketing budget and time.

Everyone in your firm has the potential to be an effective rainmaker. But to be successful, it takes strong communication skills, engaging elevator speeches (an answer to the question “what do you do?”) and the techniques to “work a room”.

This interactive seminar identifies participants’ unique differentiators, clarifies their objectives, and delivers ways to manage the anxiety inherent in public speaking or interactions. Trainers also focus on developing strategic alliances and encouraging reciprocity to partner with other key professionals. What most companies don’t expect, but is often the result of this training, is enhanced team building within the group.

Conducted over two half-days, the two sessions are spaced approximately one month apart. In between, participants commit to and are held accountable for attending at least two networking meetings or social functions, where they will utilize their new networking skills and elevator speeches.

Time: Two half days
Participants: Up to 10
Two trainers
Participants are encouraged to contact the trainers between sessions for assistance
with elevator speeches, emails, and building strategic alliances.


“Thank you again for an eye-opening session. I learned a great deal and was able to consciously use it at the appointment I attended right after our time together– which really helped build rapport with the prospect. My referral source said he was literally awestruck and it was the best presentation he had ever heard in his life. He said he was now a “true believer” in me and our firm, and he wanted to begin sending more referrals to us.”

Michael McGrath, MS, CFP, CMFC
Vice President, Enright Premier Wealth Advisors

“I do a lot of networking. At these meetings people give their elevator speech introduction—the one to which nobody listens or pays attention. Using the Eloqui method, I got a standing ovation. Three people I didn’t know buttonholed me after the meeting and made appointments to discuss their insurance. Now that’s results.”

Mike Altman
Partner, SAK Financial