Own the Room™

Discover what every professional absolutely needs to know to be successful, but never learned in business school. This signature Eloqui series is targeted one of two ways: communication for business development or improving presentation skills.

If your firm wants to generate more revenue by differentiating your services, strives to be seen as a leader in your industry; and is committed to increasing your client base; a primary focus on business development is critical.

However, if your firm lives and dies on the effectiveness of your business presentations, the focus on presentation skills is more appropriate. Participants learn to construct and deliver memorable presentations, from identifying your intention, choosing the right role, selecting an opening that sets the frame, dividing your content in primary talking points, adding PowerPoint, including case studies or client anecdotes, and ending with a powerful close. Every presentation—from a brief few minutes to a half day has the potential to set you apart, achieve your intention and advance your career.

Regardless of the focus, both programs nurture potential leaders from within and overcome any fear of public speaking.

“Own the Room™” is an interactive series of three on-site group and one individual phone session. Specific content includes how to identify and achieve your intention; develop compelling client anecdotes; keep your material fresh; shorten your prep time; and be authentic, regardless of the audience or client.

Sessions are digitally recorded and Eloqui provides all materials, including manuals. Each participant receives a DVD of their exercises.

Time: Three half-day group and one thirty minute individual phone session.
Note: When bringing together professionals from different geographic areas,
training can be conducted over two full days on location
Two Trainers
Participants: Six to 10 participants, ideally from within the same team, practice group or division


“We have brought in Eloqui on three separate occasions to train both our sales people and our account managers… They taught our people how to be more comfortable and natural, as well as effective in what they say and how they say it. They taught them how to identify what the client or prospect is looking for… And they taught our teams to work together as a cohesive unit when giving group presentations and how to properly hand-off to the other speaker.

It seems that most sales people hate to go to ‘training’ and I heard the complaints about lack of time, too boring, etc. However, after the first session I began to get positive feedback and by the end of the eight sessions, they were thanking me for providing this training…

I would highly recommend Eloqui. In this economy, we want to spend our training dollars as effectively as possible. This is a good investment!”

Sharon Stull, J.D., SPHR-CA
Director of Human Resources, Poms & Associates

“I have heard from most all participants that you are working with and they are giving you rave reviews. In fact, I have never seen the response across the board on any other program of this type that has been provided to help them grow professionally.”

Jeffrey D. Carroll
CEO, Leisure Werden & Terry Agency

…From where I sit, the training was the single most effective and important “course” I have had in my 25 year career.  I know that says a lot, but believe me that these folks know what they’re talking about. They are communication experts… They know all of the tricks of the trade (e.g. what role to play, persuasiveness, how to engage people, closing, etc) and really teach each person how to be a significant and effective communicator.  In our business, we can’t get enough of that…When it comes to practical skills, Deborah and David’s methods are where the rubber meets the road.”

Dave Donchey, CLU
President, Leisure Werden & Terry Agency