Pitch Teams: Art of the Hand-off

When your company makes it to the short list of candidates at pitches, beauty contests, or finals presentations, your team is fairly evenly matched with your competitors. What sets you apart is not the size or reputation of your firm, name recognition or resume– but successful hand-offs. Effective team presenting is the unspoken, but critical component in winning new business and increasing your ROI.

What business development strategies make for seamless team presentation and hand-offs? In this highly interactive session, participants learn the ground rules for working effectively with any partner; how to engineer perception; techniques for directing the client’s focus; incorporating visuals like PowerPoint; and how to play to your strengths.

Eloqui employs performance skills gleaned from repertory theatre ensembles, where awareness is essential to captivating an audience. The trainers also deliver specific skills for how to divide up content, assign roles and orchestrate the entire performance. Discover and fine tune the impression you’re telegraphing, to make the collaboration successful every time.

Time: One half day
Participants: Up to 12
Two trainers
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 2-4 hours


“Our investment in Eloqui was business changing. Deborah and David gave our team the tools to better communicate amongst ourselves. We presented (using their suggestions) and shortly after our meeting, won a large engagement. We have already asked Eloqui to come back as we feel we have just scratched the surface. They truly are an incredible resource for any business.”

Shannon Eusey
President, Beacon Pointe Advisor

 “Our training with Eloqui was instrumental in helping us organize our ideas. We actually rehearsed our presentations a couple of days before the actual tour with SAP.  This was huge as we were able to craft our stories to hit the most important points, which enabled us to be more confident and relaxed…

We were awarded this project, beating out 2 of our most respected and larger competitors. The size of this contract ($500K) has resulted in increasing our revenues by almost 10% this year. More importantly, it was our largest WIN in the past 5 years.”

Win Roney
CEO, Reel Grobman