The Power of Narrative

In business, relating case studies is the best way for the audience or potential client to know what sets you apart, the specifics of your process, and seriously consider hiring you. Anecdotes demonstrate how we operate and deal with challenges. Well told, the listener identifies with the characters, puts themselves in the scenario and better understands what it took to solve the problem.

Whether you’re speaking in public, eliciting testimonials from your clients (for your website or marketing materials), or writing a newsletter, anecdotes are the most effective business development tool.

Stories, metaphors and similes also allow you to best convey technical information. Eloqui performance techniques feature a template to structure content (from a compelling open to a satisfying close). But the true power of narrative rests in the telling and how to keep your audience fully engaged. Participants will have their success stories shaped and critiqued until they are “ready for prime time”.

Time: One half day
Participants: Up to 20
Two trainers
For off-site retreat or boot camp: 2-4 hours


“The two of you gave me such great advice the day we spoke, I felt confident going into the seminars that my ‘story’ was solid and I’d accomplish my mission. It went off GREAT! Thank you for all your support! It’s refreshing to be natural and speak from the heart. I have noticed that I am able to better connect with the audience and captivate their attention. I was complimented throughout the day with the story I shared.”

Erik M Blankmeyer
Vice President – Institutional Sales, TD Ameritrade

“Looks like I didn’t stumble too much, because they are now putting me on the “preferred” speakers list for all of the Rotarys around the State. Actually it felt pretty comfortable and the stories seemed to keep everyone’s attention. They particularly liked the GPS analogy and finding an investment advisor with a disciplined investment process… Thanks for the help.”

George Kaluhiokalani, CFP
Director, Merrill Lynch Pacific Islands

“Eloqui gave my firm a top-rate educational seminar on how we can use their OSB method to better communicate Rutter Hobbs’ value proposition. The seminar was an excellent blend of theory with practice and a real eye-opener. Thanks to them, we are more effectively conveying thoughtful, sophisticated legal counsel to middle market companies, early stage entities, large corporations and individuals.”

Andrew Apfelberg
M&A and Corporate Attorney,  Greenberg Glusker

“At a recent networking event, everyone stood up and had one minute to say what they do. When it was my turn, I used the OSB that we learned at the workshop. This was new material for me, so I was a bit nervous.

As I was speaking and looking around, the audience seemed really engaged in what I was saying. I was seeing nods of approval. After I had finished, the person sitting next to me said great story. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a difference going to your workshop has made for me.”

Jackie David
Owner of Your Back Office