Does your audience cringe when they see the size of your slide deck? Is your PowerPoint more of a crutch or cueing device? Do you worry the technology will fail, or not operate correctly? Are you convinced that you alone can’t possibly capture the audience’s attention, leaving your PowerPoint as the featured attraction?

Public speakers have become dependent on PowerPoint to organize their material, list key talking points and provide text-rich details. Unfortunately, using PowerPoint as a script or reference guide relegates the speaker to second chair.Utilizing the latest research on information reception and retrieval from cognitive science, Eloqui trainers demonstrate how PowerPoint can be used effectively and successfully. Learn how to structure content, deliver with the big screen, and direct the viewers’ attention to what you want them to take away.

Participants: Up to 20
Two trainers, including individual DVD’s and follow-up 30:00 phone coaching
sessions with each participant.
Available for off-site retreat or boot camp: 2-4 hours


“Just wanted to let you know, your training for us at Bickmore paid off ten-fold and more! We recently were selected for final interviews presenting to a major client. It was a seven person team presentation.

Part of our preparation was reflecting on our sessions with you; minimizing the PowerPoint to only the key points of our message, honing the key points of each presenter, personalizing the story, and practicing handoffs. The result was a win!  Thanks for helping us tell our story.”

Rick Brush
Director, Business Development
Bickmore Risk Services and Consulting