Success and advancement boils down to how effectively you communicate. We’ve all known executives who don’t have the analytical skills, expertise, or training to be in their position, but because they are effective speakers, have been successful. Anxiety; poor vocal qualities; rambling; or the inability to connect, engage and deliver a message can hold you back– or worse, tank your career.

Eloqui focuses on the specific goals and challenges of each client. Our trainers promote absolute authenticity, so your unique strengths are first identified, and only then are you given the necessary skills to be more effective and successful.

Typically, individual coaching includes leadership skills (including command presence), how to read your audience and speak their language, storytelling techniques to engage any audience, the core elements for structuring a presentation—from creative openings to powerful closes, and techniques to shorten your prep time.

If you have an important speech or presentation coming up, Eloqui trainers shape and rehearse it with you. If you are going to be interviewed by the media for a product launch, book you’ve written, or outstanding achievement, we role play and give you tools to be effective and achieve the results you want.

When you enlist Eloqui services, you are trained by professional spokespeople and directors– so whether you are on stage, in a conference room, or on the air, you will exude confidence, and be supported by a suite of skills that are tailored to you.