One-On-One Coaching

Whether your ambition is to be seen as the go-to person in your field, overcome speaker anxiety, or set yourself and your firm apart, finely tuned speaking skills are critical.

Eloqui customizes every program to your needs. We can polish your media savvy when appearing on TV and radio, or quoted in the press. We will bring you out from behind the podium so you can move freely in any space. There is no doubt we will improve the structure of your speeches and presentations. And we will make sure your personality and perspective leads front and center, for maximum persuasion and buy-in.

Eloqui individual clients include Dennis Tito, the first civilian space tourist; Tom Bradley, President of TDA Ameritrade Institutional; and David Yudovin, Hall of Fame channel swimmer, as well as many CEO’s, partners in law firms and service professionals—anyone who wants their communication skills to “own the room”.


“Thanks again for your help last week. I felt your advice was right on, particularly after finishing my speaking engagement. I was able to focus on the non verbal delivery of my content and truly noticed the difference versus the other speakers who were indeed very monotone. Your advice and continued support are worth every penny!”

Peter Dorsey
Director, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“All the techniques worked great… What set it apart, however, is the conference organizer and a few others said my keynote was the best of the entire conference! This was a real honor.

Now I know I can do bigger-time keynotes, and greatly improve my usual run-of-the-mill presentations. Our time together was invaluable to making this happen!”

Brian Underhill
Founder and CEO, CoachSource

“Our customer marketing team had a best practice sharing session on Friday and Ashley was one of 5 planners who presented. She kicked off the day first and would have made you proud.

She was the only one who stood and presented from the front of the room. Her opening was engaging. She was successful in setting the tone right away! She was the only one who had a theme for her presentation, and it made her content memorable. And to finish it all off, she closed with a bookend. Ashley made the most of an internal meeting to put all your techniques into practice! Thank you for inspiring us!”

Kim Magnus
Manager Customer Marketing, Fisher-Price