Non-Profit Organizations

With shrinking donations from Wall Street and Main Street, charities and non-profits face more stress than ever. Volunteers must be recruited and motivated… Managers need to refine their organizational and communication skills to effectively lead the troops, while avoiding burn-out themselves… And Presidents must re-engineer their inspirational speeches to break through the clutter and encourage more giving, advocate for legislation in Congress, and recruit scientists to focus on research in their specific field.

At Eloqui, we appreciate the needs of non-profits, having coached a ten year old spokesperson from the Arthritis Foundation to the President of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Depending on your objective, we deliver the full menu of skills for non-profits, to increase charitable giving and set your organization apart. Typical modules include command presence; choosing the appropriate role to match the venue; the underpinnings of motivational speech; and icebreakers for charity events.


“I spoke Friday night at the Kickoff dinner. According to many I was a smash. Some who hadn’t heard me speak before commented that ‘I didn’t know you were such an excellent public speaker!’ Thanks Eloqui.”

Manuel Loya
Chairman, Southern CA Arthritis Foundation

“WOW! Was what I heard from the staff as they came back into the office from the Eloqui training. They really enjoyed today and learned a lot from you two. Thank you for working with them and helping them become better at presenting, as well as feeling more confident when they’re speaking in front of groups.”

Mary-Jo Kennedy
Director, Community Outreach, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

“I just want to thank you for all of your help and coaching over the last year. I feel like I continue to improve and look forward to continuing to master my oral presentations.  Thank you for everything. You are fantastic at what you do!”

Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA
President & CEO, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network