As we peer into the conundrum of 2018, how can we equip ourselves for what will surely be a roller coaster ride? We recommend embracing and practicing aliveness. Simply by being in the doing, we wake up, allow ourselves to be engaged, and more fully realize any effort.

We all have routines. Many are necessary and allow us to juggle complicated lives. But when we lose the reason for the routine, we become like Macbeth: "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace, from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time..." Routine can deaden our life force. The ratio of spontaneity to routine differs for everyone, but to keep the balance requires mindfulness.

However, if we do something we love, if we love without expectation, and if we embrace each project as a positive challenge, it permeates everything. Eloqui creates and shapes great speakers. We first ask, "What do you want to accomplish, and what drives you?" When we can activate the inherent passion of our clients, they can bring aliveness to their speaking. When your aliveness is transferred into your presentations, everybody wins.

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  1. Caryn Siebert says:

    As I kick off 2018, I am embarking on a great journey with a fabulous new job. Gallagher Bassett recognizes that by working from home, I save 6 hours a week not commuting and redirecting that time to making additional business development calls and meetings. Instead of the even longer commuting time in my prior company, I’ll be exercising more too. So excited about a different and healthier routine promoting aliveness. Thanks Deborah and David.

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