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Cloud and land map files come from:

One thing the space missions of 2021 have reaffirmed is that anyone who travels beyond our planet and looks back is changed. They express wonder at the earth’s spectacular beauty and fragility. May we all appreciate the brief moment of time we have on this spinning blue orb that provides nourishment to the body and soul. Be Here Now, as spiritual teacher Ram Dass wrote.

In a recent tip, we mentioned that David recorded a new book, The End of Burnout*. When he is seated with a microphone in front of him, headphones on, and music stand with laptop displaying book contents, he does not have the luxury of distraction. If his mouth is too wet or dry, he makes a mistake. If he can’t control his breathing, another mistake. If he smacks his lips, worries that he’s mispronounced a word, or looks away for an instant—a mistake is made and his rhythm is broken.

When speaking or presenting, there is freedom when you’re in the zone of pure concentration. Time stands still. Your intention and connection with the audience is all that exists. Your content flows effortlessly and you experience the joy astronauts feel when staring back at earth. Know this feeling and you will seek it again and again.

*The End of Burnout by Jonathan Malesic. Releases January 4.

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