Always be Intentional

San, bushmen or Khoikhoi Rock Paintings in Cedarberg Mountains in South Africa, Western Cape.

E.O. Wilson, a pre-eminent scientist references intention in his book The Meaning of Human Existence. Wilson writes that during the cognitive revolution of our species, humans developed language and told stories. Then, as our brains grew, we were able to imagine future scenarios and predict outcomes. All were driven by intention.

Intention is also the cornerstone of Eloqui training. What’s my intention? is the first question speakers should ask when constructing any talk or communication. Intention focuses the mind and is an editing device for content.

When you utilize intention, your presentation will be designed with your intended consequence in mind. Then it’s up to you to add the art of illustrating your talking points and speaking with conviction. The benefit is that audiences will be aligned with your purpose. In addition, your words will have meaning and weight beyond any mere lecture or recitation of data points.

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