Audience of One

Group of friends toasting in the club

This holiday season, we’re likely to attend social events and meet people face to face. We may also have meetings with decision-makers or potential referral sources. Don’t let these opportunities pass without making an impact. The ECI*, or Eloqui Communication Index is an effective way of reading and speaking to each person.

Accelerators are generally CEO’s, Directors, Founders. They make decisions quickly and don’t have patience for too many details. They must be approached with confidence and brevity.

Pragmatists are COO’s, Managers, Team leaders. They have specific agendas and are driven to accomplish their goals. Outline the steps or process you will take in each project, and the value of the effort.

Collaborators strive to contribute to their firm or team. They have high emotional intelligence, so communicate authentically and let them know you appreciate them. Speak in terms of feelings, values and aspirations.

Analyzers love context, vetted evidence and systems thinking. Explain how your ideas or concepts fit into the overall system. Include hard evidence. Don’t expect an immediate answer or decision. Stay calm and rational in your approach.

Note: The ECI* here has been simplified for length. Our book Own the Room has the full version.

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