Behind the Mask

Tom Hanks began his writing career with a farewell appreciation letter to his makeup artist. Danny Striepeke had transformed Hanks in his most famous roles, so Hanks wanted to honor and do justice by him. Hanks first ran his appreciation letter by writer-director Nora Ephron. She said “It lacks a voice” and “it has no DNA in it.” Hanks took Ephron’s advice to heart. His new novel Uncommon Type has just been published, and is unmistakably Tom Hanks. The book reflects his voice, humor, and authentic charm.

Years ago, renowned writing teacher Jack Grapes turned on that switch in us. His motto was “write like you talk.” This insight became the focus of our client training and weekly tip. The basis of Eloqui is drawing out our clients, providing practical skills, and more than anything else, giving them permission to be themselves.

When speaking, remove the divide between your personal and professional life. Audiences connect with a speaker who is not “acting”, or reading a carefully penned script. Bring your genuine perspective and demeanor to your speaking, and not only will you reduce your anxiety, audiences will warm to who you really are.

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