Better Call Saul

Businessman holding a briefcase travellers walking outdoors

We recently watched the Season 4 finale of Better Call Saul. While arguing for his reinstatement as an attorney, character Jimmy McGill put down the letter he was reading from his deceased brother Charles. He went “off script” and tearfully described the conflicted, as well as supportive memories of their relationship. At the core of his narrative was how Charles inspired Jimmy to be a better attorney. It was a powerful and moving scene. (spoiler alert) Only at the end of the episode did we discover that Jimmy’s emotional performance was fabricated.

In our Eloqui trainings, we employ flash cards directing speakers to better engage their audience. One is “I’m going off script now,” and another is “How do I express this?” Both reflect the techniques Jimmy used to captivate his review panel.

Variety is a speaker’s ace card. When you find yourself droning on or losing your audience, use a version of these two flash cards. It may ignite a moment of inspiration, or at the very least, change the attentional channel of your audience. Watch them lean in to hear what you’ll say next. S’all good, man.

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