Bigger Stages

(The photo to the left is how most people feel about public speaking!)

Last week’s tip covered the nuts and bolts of assembling a package for getting booked as a speaker. Eloqui’s mission is to send dynamic professionals into the world with forward-thinking ideas and oratorical skills to match. So, if you desire to deliver a TED and/or TEDx talk, here is where to start:

TEDx talks operate under a license from the TED organization and are unpaid. However, neither do you pay. Selection is based on merit. For more info, Google “TED” for a Wikipedia page, and TED’s about us. TEDx talks are 3,5, or 9 minute “palette cleansers” scheduled between longer presentations. TED talks are 15 minutes max.

When being considered for a TEDx, ask the following questions. Where is the event being held? How many people will be in the audience? Has this TEDx chapter produced speakers featured on TED? This is the first step to being booked on TED’s big stage.

Make your pitches focused. Before submitting a TEDx application, do a search for talks on your topic. Create a fresh, big idea. Titles should reflect your unusual slant. Add a subheading with a searchable link to get more views. Find TEDx locations/venues near you or where you travel frequently. Use any contacts you have with local knowledge of organizers, value of the chapter, etc.

Paid TED talks are down the road, but if your TEDx talk is successful, collect testimonials, videos, and keep pitching. You now have a complete speaker package.

Authors and actors, like speakers weather multiple rejections. Don’t quit. Shakespeare said, “The world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Go play.

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