Bird Music

A wild European robin (Erithacus rubecula) singing.

There is great virtue in seeking inspiration from hikes, foreign travel, and fields unrelated to your own. A recent segment on CBS Sunday Morning featured Alexander Liebermann, a composer/musician who was locked down in Berlin during COVID. When the world opened up again, he took a trip to Costa Rica in search of fresh air and space. Liebermann was struck by the remarkable variety of birdsongs he heard and back in Berlin began listening to recordings of them.

Liebermann transcribed the birdsongs, and then uploaded videos and the transcriptions to Instagram. Musicians promptly reposted the songs, played on their instruments, from oboes to violins. Liebermann picked up the ball and wove the birds’ refrains into compositions which he played with his ensembles. A new musical form is now in the world, sparked by his Costa Rican travels.

Where will you discover a muse to impact the way you speak and communicate? Inspiration can come from anywhere, including stories your grandmother taught you, hikes in your favorite places, a sport you play, or a concert. The world is filled with lightning bugs. Grab one and make beautiful music.

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