In the early 1600's, a literary society was launched in France that quickly developed into a salon where new ideas were openly discussed and debated. Initially run by educated women, the salon's members were called les-bas-bleus, or the blue-stockings. Over the next three hundred years, this nickname meant "intellectual women." Their value was apparent as salons soon became a catalyst for Europe's Age of Enlightenment.

We call our version the Fascinating Persons Salon where different points of view are respected; and wit, humor and insight welcomed. Since women were the regulators in French salons (handling the topics, guest list, and rules) in our salons, Deborah has that role. At the beginning of the evening, she gives an in-depth introduction of each guest to spark animated conversation. To enhance the experience, David handles the food prep and wine pairing.

The world needs more forums to bring out our better selves and revel in our humanness. Ben Franklin exchanged scientific knowledge in his salon...Gertrude Stein invited Picasso to attend hers... Seek out your own fascinating persons and let them shine. You will be the better for it.

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  1. Eric Barnes says:

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall!!!

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