Breath of Life

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An exciting new program has been introduced to speed the recovery of ‘long-haul’ coronavirus victims. A London hospital has partnered with the English National Opera. The program’s content might surprise you. Clinically proven recovery exercises were reworked by the opera tutors for COVID sufferers. ENO Breathe leverages what professional singers, speakers and actors have known and studied for years-- that breath is the bedrock of all performance.

We invite you to connect with ENO Breathe if you need an effective rehab program. When you gain more knowledge of and facility with your breathing, you produce better sound and maintain robust vocal health. Many of us spend our days on the phone, in Zoom calls and meetings which takes its toll on your voice. When we return to in-person conferences or trade shows, the environment and demands on the voice are even more challenging. If you deliver a presentation and your voice is sub-standard or damaged, your talk suffers. If you experience anxiety or stage fright, your muscles constrict and your breathing follows suit.

Check out ENO Breathe: In the meantime, build your vocal awareness. When you feel constriction, breathe deeply three times, slowly, in and out. Open up the chest cavity by rolling back your shoulders. Yawn to open your throat. Hum scales to warm up the voice. If you stay connected to your breath every day, your voice will be a valuable tool for the rest of your life.

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