Came to Play

We're still in the thrall of the recent World Series. After swallowing the hard lump of the Dodgers' loss, we began to admire the scrappy Astros, wondering, "How did they win this thing?" Their success is a lesson for anyone in a competitive environment, especially speakers.

First, never give up, even when all seems lost. In nail-biting game 5, lasting over five hours and ten innings, three-run deficits were overcome three times. Either team could have lost heart, yet didn't. When you get off pace, and the presentation seems lost, brass it out and re-commit. You may win in the last inning of your talk.

At the core is outstanding communication. One example among many was watching Justin Turner catch smoking line drives, turn and spin, burning a throw to first for the out. In a team presentation, rehearse enough so that you can feel what your partner is going to do or say. Then make your hand-offs seamless and sure.

And most importantly, believe in yourself. The Astros were predicted to lose by all six of CBS Sports' MLB "experts." And there was no precedent. Consider this. In the first month of play in 2016, they lost 17 out of 24 games. But with belief, you are very hard to beat, as the Astros displayed beautifully this year. Walk on stage or into a conference room with a deep and grounded belief in yourself. It will propel you, and be a key ingredient in your success.

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