Thornless Rose

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Rose Marcario is stepping down as CEO of Patagonia. After many years in private equity, Marcario made the decision to make her work more meaningful. She joined Patagonia because it embraced environmental proactivity and profitability. She was the company’s CFO for six years and then CEO for another six years. After Marcario took the helm at Patagonia, sales quadrupled. It is now a one billion-dollar company. But that only hints at this remarkable woman’s accomplishments.

For years, Marcario worked behind the scenes. Yet, at some point she had to use her voice, while being diplomatic about how Patagonia expressed the company’s activism. So, Marcario established a fund to underwrite small environmentally responsible ventures in material science and regenerative agriculture. At the same time, she was streamlining production and eliminating waste. Her efforts strengthened the Patagonia brand, forged customer loyalty, and set an example of how business could be a positive and constructive force. Recently, when the company netted ten million dollars as a result of government tax breaks, Patagonia donated the money to environmental causes. Marcario walks the talk.

It is high time we all find our voice and a way to express ourselves that will be a force for good. If we can manage that, it will make us proud of our legacy on this remarkable planet, like the inimitable Rose Marcario.

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