Change the World

It is the ultimate human desire to create something amazing, transform the world or leave behind a unique legacy. For example, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk are backing a venture called Neuralink. The goal is to create a device that can be implanted in the human brain to allow our hardwiring to merge with software, improve memory, and/or directly interface with computers!

What can we mere mortals learn from forward-thinking pioneers? Masterful speaking requires purpose, intense focus and the ability to set aside other interests to achieve success. In Terry Hannon’s NY Times article “The Courage to Change the World” he details the traits of an innovator.

First, be bold. You might deliver a groundbreaking talk but receive mixed reviews. To stand and deliver again requires that you display the courage of your convictions. Trust your own opinion of how it went. And know that you won’t please everyone.

Then, don’t rely on outdated toolboxes. Seek out new influences to refresh your presentation style. How you express yourself is every bit as critical as having the big idea.

Forward thinkers also know their process is a marathon, not a sprint. No great discovery appears in a flash. But take heart. As Tim Allen’s character memorably said in the film Galaxy Quest, “Never Give Up—Never Surrender!”

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