Cowboy Up

We love the new Kevin Costner television series Yellowstone. Despite flights of melodrama, it has an authentic feel. When the actors ride, rope, or break horses, their cowboy skills are apparent. The series is shot on location in Utah and Montana during the peak of fall and the landscapes are breathtaking. The writers keep the dialogue spare, so the actors sound like real cowboys, city folk, and Native Americans. Old story lines of ranchers vs. developers are made fresh. Careful attention to detail draws viewers in and enables a willing suspension of disbelief.

Audiences hunger for authenticity. When you create your next presentation, use real examples. Recall what it felt like, and then include colorful, descriptive details to avoid reporting on the incident. Keep the presentation in your voice, using ā€œIā€ statements to telegraph your ownership and investment of the material. Build credibility and the audience will appreciate that you are making it real. Make your story lines fresh, and you too will enjoy the experience. Cowboy up!

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