The new HBO documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher examines his roots. As a young boy in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis immersed himself in blues, gospel, bluegrass, and country music. He observed everything he could in the music of both black and white performers. While still a teen, Elvis forged a new musical language, merging all his influences into the unique and iconoclastic rock and roll. Elvis wasn't the only one, but his contribution fired the popular imagination and brought rock and roll front and center worldwide.

Every industry, whether it's science, art, or business, awaits that next visionary who can assess what's working and what could be improved. Then, with insight and hard work, they make it better. New developments rarely appear on the world stage all bright and shiny. Shakespeare used dull reference material for his groundbreaking plays... Before founding Apple, Wozniak designed calculators and Jobs worked on video games... Mahler incorporated folk music strains and marching band riffs into his compositions.

Like Elvis, assess the current state of public speaking. Then observe other disciplines and mediums. Take the best, discard what sounds clunky or old-fashioned, and advance the art of speaking and presentations. Do it in blue suede shoes.

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