Dropped Pass

side view of businessman catching rugby ball while falling isolated on white

We love competition, especially in sports. Deborah is very happy that NFL season is here. The proof is the smell of popcorn and shouting each Sunday. Last weekend, an NFL receiver was running towards the end zone, in position to catch a long pass for a touchdown. At the last second, with the ball inches from his hands, he looked downfield. Was it the approaching defense? His next move? Or a score and glory? Regardless of the reason, he looked back and the ball bounced away on the turf.

Check out the following link and note how many dropped NFL passes were because the receiver looked downfield without having the ball firmly in his grasp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgUDB3rlk1w

Every time we see a bobble, the person in question got ahead of themselves and were not in the moment. It's the same when speaking. Closing statements in debates are fumbled at the end, comics ruin jokes by blowing the punch line, and broadcasters flub their last few words. Slow down and stay mentally present as you approach the conclusion of a line, a section of your talk, or final closing.

Audiences often remember and form an impression of you from the last thing they hear. Pause, then bring your last line home with commitment and certainty. Make it a good catch.

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