Recently, we caught up on the popular NBC series This is Us. In a Season One episode, the lead character Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore) was in a nightclub, singing Sam Cooke’s ‘Bring It on Home to Me.’

During the number, Rebecca sang harmony while gazing fondly at her band mate, played by Sam Trammell. Although Rebecca’s husband Jack was jealous, the singers’ eye contact and shared expressiveness was essential to conveying the song’s message. It was also essential to staying in sync with each other.

The same is true when team presenting. To successfully hand off with another person, you literally breathe together. When your partner takes the lead, put your full attention on them. Being attentive allows you to capture the precise moment to pick up the lead. When you are aware of the rhythm and meter of your presentation, you can slow it down or speed it up, depending on what you’re sensing from the audience. Counterpoint is critical, so that each of you handles a different role. The expressive power of a duet, invisibly interlaced, is profound.

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