Public performance on stage Microphone on stage against a background of auditorium. Shallow depth of field. Public performance on stage.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez rewrote his seminal work One Hundred Years of Solitude many times... For years, Da Vinci carried around the portrait of Mona Lisa to constantly re-work it... And when she played Margaret Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep hired a vocal coach to find Thatcher's voice-- below and behind her diaphragm. Plus, to stay in character, Streep didn't allow eye contact on set. Obsessive? Perhaps, but these great artists knew that when viewed or read, the first impression would likely become the lasting impression.

Consider the tone of your presentation and how it will be received by the audience or client. Spend time identifying your unique take on the topic. How do you feel about the message? For example, are you excited, proud, or challenged? Then choose the best role or filter to deliver your content.

The Mona Lisa was a portrait of a young bride. One Hundred Years... was about a family's arc in a small village. At first glance, neither are unusual subjects. And when The Iron Lady debuted, recollections of the real Prime Minister were fresh in viewers' memory. Still, with singular vision and application of artistry, the pieces created by Marquez, Da Vinci and Streep became unforgettable and timeless. So too can yours.

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