Father Rain Mother Rain

Powerful lightning bolts strike from a sunset thunderstorm in the Arizona desert.

Rain has two speeds in the high desert of New Mexico. One comes off the mountains in an explosion of lightning, thunder and water blowing sideways. Our back-acreage floods and the water cascades off the roof. The local Native Americans call this Father Rain. The second type is Mother Rain, a gentle, steady rain that soaks into the soil, reviving grasses, trees and plants. It is nourishment, pure and simple.

Watching a recent storm, we reflected on speaking styles. Motivational Speakers tend to employ only Father Rain. They hit the stage full of lightning, their volume at ten and rarely change the tenor of their delivery. It’s energetic and flashy, but without modulation can flood the senses and their words fail to penetrate.

On the other hand, Mother Rain speakers draw the audience in, displaying empathy and caring as they soothe listeners. But too much of this “softer” presenting, without any fire, can lull and fail to inspire people to take action. In your presentations, bring the force and lightning of Father Rain to excite and engage. But alternate with Mother Rain to nourish with your tone, ideas and words. As you flow between the two, the variety and interplay will satisfy your audience.

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