Fishin’ Friends

Happy father and little son playing funny game, having fun in kitchen, holding soup ladles as microphones, singing and dancing, dad and adorable boy child enjoying weekend at home together

In this difficult time, wracked with political upheaval, social turmoil and a pandemic, we could all use a dose of good cheer. Many new movies are focused on the dark side and pessimism. Even though critics may feel its beneath them to appreciate a feel-good film, we found a new release that is unabashedly uplifting. Fisherman’s Friends (Netflix) stars the under-appreciated actor James Purefoy in a film about fishermen who sing sea shanties. (by the seashore) Based on real fisherman in Cornwall, England, the characters and plot line bring laughter, tears and a great escape from our complicated world.

In addition to lifting one’s spirits, Fisherman’s Friends has a spot-on message for speakers. The fishermen are unconcerned that Londoners’ perceive their traditional music as old-fashioned. Trends come and go, so don’t get trapped in today’s mode. For instance, PowerPoint was once new, but continues to be used primarily as the presenter’s crutch. Use it sparingly or not at all; whatever best suits the material you are delivering.

The Fishermen revel in the joy their music brings-- knowing it is the source of their strength and tight community. Don’t tamp down your spirit or enthusiasm to appear more “professional.” Discover what you like about your topic and express it, which is appealing to an audience.

Watch Fishermen’s Friends with your family. And know that when you bring your unvarnished self to a presentation, you too may end up with the equivalent of a pint of ale and an effusive hurrah.

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