Genuine Article

Imposters and charlatans abound in today's world. It's difficult to discern the genuine from the artificial, especially on social media and in news feeds. The more we stare into this vacuous abyss, the more we yearn for the genuine article.

Since the only thing we can control is our own behavior, assessing how to communicate more authentically is a worthy task. According to Travis Bradberry and The 12 Habits of Genuine People, they are not driven by ego. So, in your presentations or communications, if you brag about your accomplishments, you will appear defensive or insecure.

Other Bradberry traits have direct application to public speaking. Genuine people forge their own paths... They are generous... And they are thick-skinned, perhaps because they don't try to make people like them.

Create your own style, and don't copy anyone else. When you commit to exhibiting your genuine qualities and perspective, you may not be liked, but you will be respected and appreciated. In fact, if you can manage all of the above, you will be a magnet for those who thirst for the genuine article.

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