Giants in our Midst

Project confidence as a businessman standing with a huge cast shadow as a metaphor for a confident personality and feeling of certainty in a 3D illustration style.

In a time of turmoil, brought about by the pandemic and a contentious election, it's easy to allow our darker angels to prevail. But now that there is a vaccine to combat the virus, it's also time to offset the rhetoric of hatred and divisiveness that infects too many of our conversations and politics.

The solution is right in front of us. We have giants in our midst. All we need to do is seek their counsel and the balm of their wisdom. For example, we own a couple of paintings by Walt Gonske, one of the last Taos Six artists. One day Deborah contacted him through his website. She emailed him, and soon we were in Walt's Taos studio, talking at length about his painting methods and insights, which were eye-opening. The same thing happened with pastel artist Margi Lucena, who we met in Santa Fe and now-- because galleries carrying her works have closed, we buy directly from her. Meetings with remarkable people can happen.

How many giants could you connect with if you only reached out? Zoom calls are easy. Blogs are ubiquitous. Some agents will even put you in touch with their clients, because celebrities enjoy hearing from their fans.

Over the holidays, especially if you're sequestered, why not spend virtual time with those who inspire you? Show an appreciation for their accomplishments. Take a page from Eloqui and be specific rather than general with your comments. Chances are, you'll both be happy you did. Connection is our gift to you this holiday season. Show your appreciation, admiration or respect and receive the wisdom of 'giants.' May your better angels rule!

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