Gift of Gratitude

During this difficult year, two things have become startlingly clear—life is precious and evanescent. There is much to fear: COVID variants, politics, climate instability and more. Great challenges focus the mind, so why not direct your attention to what you have to be grateful for? A balanced outlook gives us the fortitude to thrive.

For many years, our Friday night ritual has been a gratitude exercise. We recall everything from the previous week, no matter how small that we are grateful for. It can be a client success, spending time with a friend, or exploring new territory. It’s always amazing how many things we can think of. And, recalling details puts each event at the top of our memory queue.

For those of us who communicate, our internal story is expressed through our body and face. When you speak, present a grateful, strong presence. Your audience will respond, and your positivity will be your Holiday gift to all.

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