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hands of gymnast with chalk on uneven bars

The Olympics are finally here! COVID outbreaks, corruption and scandals aside, we will be focusing on the athletes and their accomplishments. For us, the Olympics are inspiring and thrilling.

Simone Biles (Greatest of all Time) is the proclaimed face of the American Olympians. This phenomenal gymnast was asked by Master Class to share her training secrets. Her insights on prep, intention and fighting fear are valuable for speakers. Following is our edited version of her remarks:

Fighting fear: Like Simone, never let fear shut you down. If you fail at an opening or telling a story, go back and review the fundamentals. Speak again right away, incorporating what you’ve learned.

Turn adrenaline into power: Adrenaline (from anxiety) gives you focus, confidence and enhances your strength.

Selective Listening: On game day, Simone only listens to her coach, family and teammates. When you present, eliminate distractions and only seek out the friendly faces in the room to bolster your confidence.

Setting Goals: Simone writes in a journal her intentions for the day, week and month. She includes her drills and feelings. Do the same with your rehearsals and presentations.

When you examine an Olympic athlete’s routine for greatness, it always follows the same path: set an intention, refine your skill set, do the work. Consistency and sweat overcome talent every time.

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