Grocery List

Shopping list in the hands of a woman in a supermarket

The recently aired Golden Globes had the smallest audience since 1996. Success was difficult because the two hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were on different coasts and there were no celebrities in the live audience. But we believe the real reason for the declining ratings was that people are finally sick of endless, rote, thank-you speeches.

The formulaic Grocery List speech was: “I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press, my agent Bob, other people you don’t know, and my long-suffering wife Alexandra.” The alternative was “This is my shot to save the planet and so I will lecture you at length...” which was equally dull. Producers made a brave attempt to shorten speeches by cueing the music, which presenters blissfully ignored. The result was a dull show made even duller. The only award winner to stand out was Sacha Baron Cohen who did a tasty, satirical bit ridiculing Rudy Giuliani.

At some point, you may get the nod to accept an award. If you do, be prepared! In a virtual setting, there is no excuse for poor audio, unflattering lighting, or a background that competes with you on-camera. All of these technical glitches plagued the Golden Globes. And please, carefully craft and rehearse your speech. It should sound fresh and off the cuff, but that only happens when you are intentional. Be unique. Memorable. Forget grocery lists. Demonstrate to your audience that you were worthy of the award. You may not save the planet, but you may be the only one who saves the event from the audience changing the channel.

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