Hand in Glove

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Humans have been speaking for most of our existence. However, writing is only 5,200 years old, a gift from the Sumerians. Historically, writing skills bestowed prestige, while speaking was perceived as more casual.

In “Speaking vs Writing” Josef Essberger states that in the modern era, speaking has eclipsed writing in fields including politics. If a candidate can’t speak well on television and in live venues, they have little chance of being elected. So, although a scripted and memorized talk may impart an elevated sense of formality, it doesn’t play well with audiences. Genuine, authentic presenters-- who speak conversationally exert a greater influence.

This is why we counsel our clients to organize their content; write it out-- if that suits them; but then work off an outline when speaking. (Few of us can write like we talk.) An outline supports you, allows you to be fully authentic, and in the moment. And from an audience’s perspective, your content is more persuasive, especially because of your authenticity.

Writing and speaking reinforce one another. Play with words and free form your ideas before finalizing your structure. Write creatively and your speaking will flourish.

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