Happiness Advantage

Magic pink rhododendron flowers on summer mountain. Carpathian, Ukraine.

Our cousin Dr. Jeffrey Horwitz sent us a TEDx talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work. In it, Shawn Achor, a Harvard educated author and speaker presents his research into positivity and productivity. Achor states that if you raise the level of positivity in your life, your intelligence, creativity, and energy levels rise. Business outcomes improve. And, when dopamine flows into your brain, it makes you happier. But dopamine also turns on your learning centers, allowing you to better adapt to the world and stress.

Too many speakers focus on the one thing they left out of their presentation, a verbal stumble, or a negative interpretation of someone’s reaction. It is the glass half empty syndrome. Instead, imbed positive memories by giving yourself kudos after a presentation, especially if you achieved your Intention. This is our version of Achor’s Happiness Advantage.

Then, before your next presentation, reflect on your past success-- no matter how small to elicit newfound confidence. And even better, recalling your success will allow you to adapt to any new challenge. Group hug?

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