Hawk’s Prayer

An Imam’s saying, “The secret prayer of the hawk is I hope the mouse runs faster” resonated with our friend, Dr. Habib Sadeghi*. Habib is continually working to improve himself, and then impart his learnings to his patients.

In business, there is always competition. However, sometimes our speaking and presenting goes on autopilot. How many times have you said “I don’t have enough time to prep, or develop my presenting skills?” Whether you are in sales, professional services, or social media, know that your competitors are honing their presentations. And if you leave your speaking skills unattended, you may very well lose your edge.

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, celebrate your competitors’ improvement. Nothing is better to improve your game. In the recent Olympics, world records were shattered. In each case, the silver medalist drove the front-runner to excel. Like the hawk, when your competition runs faster, you become more motivated, keener and stronger.

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